I've been aware of 3D software for a long time and in the recent years I've picked up Blender and Unreal Engine as my favorites. They have grown impressively for quite some time.

I have toyed around with Unity and Cryengine too. I appreciate the teams behind them, although I can't find a place for them in my toolkit yet. I've even fired up Valve Hammer Editor a couple of times.

Additionally, I've come across AI text-to-image and image-to-image generative art as of late.

I've enjoyed video games from a very young age and have fallen in love with how storytelling can be used to steer the viewer into and through an immersive experience and provide an emotional connection.

Furthermore, in 2018 I tweeted:

"The second renaissance is on the way. #wednesdaythoughts"

Little did I know that I'd find myself on the cutting edge, synthesizing works of my own, observing it in real-time.

Posts about my approach, workflow and the ideas behind it are in progress.

For now, please enjoy the ride without subtitles.