June 6, 2019

My posts have huge delays between them.

I will tell you what I was doing meanwhile and what’s next. In the picture, I was meditating for about 25/30 minutes in Goa Gajah, also known as “The Elephant Cave Complex”. I am also close to receiving my drivers license. Among those things I have a full time job and a passion to improve, a passion to learn and to move forward.

I have researched, learned, planned, researched and learned, you get it by this point. I’ve been ultimately busy planning out the content machines that my websites will turn into. Let me tell you, it’s no easy task to plan out a content production and distribution strategy, while juggling life responsibilities.

They are turning into content machines starting from now. Though, instead of waiting forever and finally receiving the knowledge when it’s irrelevant, I will introduce change gradually, but regularly.

So expect stuff to start changing, starting with this blog post. I won’t promise anything, the schedule is still hella hectic and a lot of new stuff going on and changing constantly. I will change the design bit by bit, add more content across all of my channels, as much as I can actually. Lots of good stuff coming this way.

One thing won’t change – my investment to the blog and my personal website. Read the previous post, if you haven’t yet.

Stay tuned!

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