My posts have huge delays between them.

I will tell you what I was doing meanwhile and what’s next. In the picture, I was meditating for about 25/30 minutes in Goa Gajah, also known as “The Elephant Cave Complex”. I am also close to receiving my drivers license. Among those things I have a full time job and a passion to improve, a passion to learn and to move forward.

I have researched, learned, planned, researched and learned, you get it by this point. I’ve been ultimately busy planning out the content machines that my websites will turn into. Let me tell you, it’s no easy task to plan out a content production and distribution strategy, while juggling life responsibilities.

They are turning into content machines starting from now. Though, instead of waiting forever and finally receiving the knowledge when it’s irrelevant, I will introduce change gradually, but regularly.

So expect stuff to start changing, starting with this blog post. I won’t promise anything, the schedule is still hella hectic and a lot of new stuff going on and changing constantly. I will change the design bit by bit, add more content across all of my channels, as much as I can actually. Lots of good stuff coming this way.

One thing won’t change – my investment to the blog and my personal website. Read the previous post, if you haven’t yet.

Stay tuned!

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I am very excited to announce a pretty huge update to my blog! It’s splitting into two, it’s evolving.

From today I am gradually rolling out changes and introducing the new way of publishing content in two separate websites!

Lately in the midst of everything going on in my life (a ton of good things and two tons of work), I have spent a lot of time thinking of how to proceed with things, since they are about to get really serious (pun to the last post intended).

The best conclusion that I have come to is to split my current website into two:

This is where all of my personal stuff will be found. Ideas, experiences, travels, thoughts, vlogs, gaming and anything else that won’t fit into the programming world.

(As of writing, still waiting on that DNS refresh, so the link might not redirect correctly, yes, yes I am aware of this, the other one sync’d faster for some reason.)

This is where programming is found. Tutorials, tips, thoughts, ideas and etc. where its programming related, it’s going to be here.

Simple, right?

I hope this will pave the way for more clearer, concise and focused content, and a better overall experience.

The Details

Currently these 2 domains redirect back here, but soon enough they will point to the according website. The layout of the current one will be used for and will redirect to, and it will also have a completely new layout! I cannot yet estimate how long it will take, but it is in progress right now.

Hello Internet!

It’s me – Arthur and this is ground zero. The beginning of an exhilarating journey, which I hope will bring value and in the best case scenario – inspiration.

What am I on about?

Quite simply – I want to create enough content, to bring anyone and I mean anyone from 0 knowledge in programming, to becoming employable. Given that you have the interest and the willingness to allow me to guide you through the journey of tackling the most sought after profession of our time.

Why am I doing this?

Because just like you, I started off somewhere without anyone I knew that could guide me through the beginning, which in all honesty is the hardest part (just like in everything). I have to admit that at the time when I started, I had quite a lot of experience with computers and the internet in general. I had practically no clue about programming though.

What content can you expect?

I went out to search and research on what is what, where to start, which path to take, which language and so on, and so on. This is what I will serve to you on a silver platter, in laymans terms and hopefully in a format, that you will find comfortable to learn from. As of today, I am starting to produce the series in which we will tackle (but not limited to) the topics below:

  • What is programming?
  • Popular myth destruction.
  • The basics.
  • Your first webpage!
  • Your first beautiful webpage!
  • Your portfolio webpage!
  • Free learning materials.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Tools.
  • Mini-projects.
  • Sources where to learn more from.
  • How do professionals do it?

So as you see, theory intertwined with practical projects. If you want to learn from dry theory and tons of terminology that doesn’t make any sense, you will not find that format here. I will attempt to break down the concepts into actually consumable material and refrain from fancy-pansy vocabulary as much as possible.

Wait – you said “for free”, what is in it for you?

I went from 0 to employable by self-learning everything. From material available online for free. Quite honestly, becoming employable in this industry is what saved my life in a way. That’s why I have personal attachment to the subject. That is exactly why I will go the extra mile and offer all of it for free, because it’s how I received it and it is how I will pay back to the community.

I believe everyone regardless of their origin, financial situation, life situation or whatever else, should have the possibility to learn programming nowadays. This is the future and it is coming fast. I wish to provide value and a chance for anyone, who maybe has only the willingness to learn should have the chance to learn. (back when I started, 29$ for a course was unaffordable for me)

So where will this content be located?

Right here, on my website. It will definitely change alot during the next months, but everything will be front and center, so you cannot miss it. Bookmark my page and/or subscribe to my newsletter to be notified of the latest news.

The internet helped me when I most needed it, now it’s time to return the favor. 

Best regards,